Hi, my name is Klaudia and I’m a graphic designer and proofreader. You can also refer to me as a layout designer since I specialize in print projects and have a background in publishing.

Print Design

print design

I create all sorts of print designs from brochures to business cards to posters for all types of occasions.

Web Design

web design

I also nerd out about web design! My passion lies with print, but it's always fun creating responsive and functional websites.



My primary educational background is in book publishing. I've been trained in MLA and Chicago styles, and I always keep my Chicago Manual of Style handy whenever editing.

About Me

I graduated from York University with a BA in Professional Writing (Book Stream). I also have certificates for Publishing and Graphic Design for Print and Web.

Print design is my passion. I love working with people and challenging my own style to create crisp, clean designs.

I’ve worked for trade and educational publishers in a range of departments from editorial to marketing. I chose to spruce up my skills by attending Humber’s Graphic Design for Print and Web program—moving my career direction in a more hands on and creative one.

These are my first steps in graphic design. Join my projects or come back to see what’s new!



Below you'll find my graphic design work. Since I'm still relatively new to the industry, a chunk of my work is from school projects. However, I do have some real world experience to share with you too!


Freelance/Previous Work


Interested in my work? Feel free to get in touch!